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Dec 2, 2013 10:30am PST
of the quality of life for paul's countries. so therefore it is really the intention from all sides to war hawk closest to them closer together and set aside other differences. the uk has also don't wanna be up high in the meantime i see that yes. i had to write sad that the uk seems to be china's one of china's four minus three takes on a few minor points that doesn't mean that said this this probably is of assuring that is all forgiven and forgotten i think nile yes the other call a toll on sunday lot to prove differences of their other can hardly belive now was a member of team conjures up all i've heard now i think the office told the timer on the is under greater pressure from but this is so cold that we cannot ignore all you fans the china market players. and because china is off still odd dominated by odd number of big businesses and to the government has gone on stronger influence over the business operation. so therefore we really have to come to terms who are always trying to be in terms of pr are the logical pursue and died in the meantim the time the site the wantirna is suffering f
Dec 3, 2013 5:00pm PST
the cabins he's executive director of the role of paul ince achieve. daniel out. we know now that there was a place in parliament's a lap in the top that the government is that the state does not vote in favor of the current government. actually now on to mind the protest is to mom's. one thing in a way it does we know we have this whole idea of for the past ten years at least that of mom in this treatise and has democratic legitimacy. what on what basis the us for example senator john mccain issued a statement yesterday urging the government to listen to the people of the two are the people the people the ones you voted for the current parliament of the parliament was selected legitimately of parliament held a vote of confidence today and then they won the vote of confidence hustler looks to me as if the democratic principles and practices are working quite well in ukraine has undermined the protesters in a way it does but this is also falling to a degree the protests in the so called color revolutions that it started in serbia in two thousand and have continued in georgia
Dec 4, 2013 8:00pm PST
was released. paul harris alleges that please use excessive force them apart stitches on its head. the pleats were once again not charged and kept their jobs unfortunately these examples can go on and on and on. but unlike any of those cases i just mention in this case that kelly thomas the officers are facing charges. please for kelvin is receiving one of those rare days in court. we should all pay close attention to this case. well staying on this issue of police officers are increasingly be outfitted with tiny cameras known as the lipstick cameras to record everything officer sees a deals with during his or her chef. some say this technology offers unprecedented accountability on the part of police by making sure everything they do it reported. this also has privacy advocates raising concerns that she's endured a bit more. for every officer in laurel maryland police department the day starts at hand and right here. we each grabbed the camera. and as you can see. kirkuk on this on my glasses or headband what is to pronounce that way. it's commonly referred to as the mainstay camera with its
Dec 8, 2013 5:00pm PST
tt paul cave administrative buildings is preventing of the approved the twenty fourteen budgetack of an impact on state salaries and so father was the son of the rallies a plaything thousands of pro government has descended on the capital and towns across the east of the country's roads make their voices said. but recent polls suggest ukraine a shop the divided on the ship eu integration. as i'm still in use will more than seventy percent of people in the west to the country favourite regular viewer the figure drops t below thirty percent in the east. otrselie but if i happened those in the east would be likely to support the government. i think. if there is true eu neo aren't devotion. they would be up through customs union production comfortable so it would be the puffed with the civil war. because let's face it. ina with the industrial base in the east. they know that if they joined the eu package they would of course they will never join the eu itself they would lose of customs religious and russia and their industrial goods which are still being exposed the corruption in inc
Dec 8, 2013 8:00pm PST
as paul scott is following developments in kiev. this is the ambiguity i did the exact biggest heavyweight boxing go well and good vitali klitschko taking to the stage behind me watching the protests on the protest is to remain peaceful or symbols haney a slate of giving the government and holds the rights of up to say despite its high schools but we controlled the saving the lost men. our induction into the clouds that buckled down stocks to monument so that didn't cost much to do with it so late august elsewhere today there are a number of t bone steak outlined by the opposition as taught so that both relate to these include the words essay should be released any protests is to be directed to the cost of these demonstrations on the goods the top down violently on the protesters last week and should be punished somehow though she demands include the art resignation of president nixon and undercut the japanese government bonds an immediate election now. on that puppy off the set up a position called for nationwide general strike on the continue to surround them to update the government sol
Dec 9, 2013 10:30am PST
in straight sets to decompress is big with a top six in the nineteen seventies place muffin scotland's paul says in heels has since reached an agreement with the unite union involved in that this eve but thousand atms that wasn't a big time in his notes an independent inquiry into the union especially get off the scenes that would describe the content they think he liked to six and love style behavior when princess has gathered outside marriage is house is on the now infamous inflatable rafts. well the inquiry will say gangs needed to get the employee especially given the union unite to assist the inquiry has truly found was that this despite this the union bashing where they are always late for one price is trading in the dead ball trying to find out what he feels about who summaries of chief executives and managers who go around the place we can on some of them. go to church and something inside of a police team that finished inequality. science and of government. second both his bike in the musical freedom of belief of what to do carlton. i'm sentimental reasons the media the government
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6